RAF Deploy The Red Arrows To Bring Key Workers Home Amidst Air Traffic Control Chaos.

RAF Red Arrows Plane mid flight.

The RAF has begun to deploy the famous Red Arrows to bring key workers home amidst the chaos caused by the UK’s air traffic control systems failure.

The deployment comes as welcome news to some, with travellers stranded in airports for days . Others see the scheme as a tremendous waste of taxpayer resources.

Action was taken on fears that, much like the COVID pandemic, the UK’s economy could suffer as large amounts of key workers stuck abroad are leaving gaps in workforces across the country.

Secretary of State for Transport, and father of the Red Arrows Deployment Scheme, Mark Harper addressed Critics today stating “Loads of you (critics) are saying this plan won’t work as each plane only has one seat…but these planes are dead fast”.

He also added that a number of Royal Air Force Harrier Jump Jets are being deployed to collect ‘critical’ key workers and fly them directly to work.

The Daily Horace has it on good authority that the first key worker to be collected by the Red Arrows is waiting in Guernsey Airport.

Featured Image: “RAF Red Arrows” by Defence Images is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. | Cropped from original.

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