UK to Launch Online Second-Hand Organ Marketplace To Help Struggling NHS

NHS App on Iphone 6

Plans to open an online second-hand organ marketplace to help the NHS with ever-rising costs have been introduced today.

‘oBay is set to provide the NHS with a new inventory of healthy, useable, second-hand organs, while simultaneously allowing people to earn some extra cash.

The government-funded online marketplace & app will allow users to list non-essential organs such as a kidney, a lung, part of a liver, eyes, and even reproductive organs. Sellers will have to fill out a medical questionnaire online before being able to post their spare organs, at which point NHS hospitals will be able to search for local and willing donors online to begin negotiating prices.

Speaking at the unveiling of oBay, Health Secretary Steve Barclay said, “oBay is a great new tool that is being thrust into the hands of the NHS and the public alike. Not only is it going to dramatically reduce costs and waiting times for the NHS, but also give people the opportunity to create supplementary income, something that is invaluable during the current cost-of-living-crisis”.

When asked about the specific workings of the app Barclay replied, “We wanted oBay to give sellers complete freedom regarding the pricing of their organs and so that’s what we have done. After the 35% oBay fee, the sellers will keep 100% of the sale price”.

oBay is set to launch officially throughout the UK on the 1st of September, although interested parties can set up preliminary profiles already.

Featured Image: “NHS symptom checker on Apple App Store on iPhone 6” by integratedchange is licensed under CC BY 2.0. | Cropped from original.

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