Theresa May brawls with an OAP whilst on Basingstoke Bender

Theresa May walking purposefully

The former Prime Minister has found herself in hot waters this past weekend after being involved in an incident that left a usually quiet Basingstoke Wetherspoons in complete disrepair.

locals were left dumbfounded after the ex-lady-in-power reportedly burst through the front doors and immediately began knocking over patrons’ drinks as she gallantly strolled towards to the bar.

One headstrong punter, Paul Que (78), demanded the former Home Secretary pay for replacements, however these demands were not well met with May ‘maniacally laughing’ and telling Mr Que to remove himself from her presence.

The Daily Horace is informed a brawl shortly ensued between May and Que with May having to be restrained by the bar staff after Mr Que was knocked unconscious by a ‘vicious uppercut’.

A source close to the incident has reported May had drank “Upwards of 13 glasses of Lambrini” before the incident occurred.

The Daily Horace has reached out to Theresa May for a comment but we have been told she is not accepting questions at the moment.

It is believed Mr Que has no lasting injuries and is on the road to a full recovery.

Featured Image: “Llegada de Theresa May, primera ministra del Reino Unido” by G20 Argentina is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Cropped from original.

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